How is Aura different from Thalus?

Thalus is the company behind creation of the Aura platform which will be for Ad Tech Ecosystem.

We still haven’t raised funding yet,more details on this will be added on our blogs in the future

The coin token isn’t launched yet and crypto currencies are known to be volatile in nature. We wish to follow a more dynamic pricing strategy approach where the price of the token will be on demand rather than hypothetical demand which isn’t linked to a specific use-case.

We have mentioned the competitors in the Related Works section of the paper, we love the work our competitors are doing, also have tried to take inspiration from some of the projects and we wish to be an improved version of what our competitors are doing, cause none of them are using Machine Learning effectively,we wish to integrate Federated Learning with Blockchain which nobody has done even outside the Ad Tech Ecosystem which can improve the quality of ad-recommendation in a privacy preserving manner.

It’s a valid concern looking at the multiple projects in the web3 space which are purely pump and dump schemes,we have taken a lot of effort in doing the research required for building our solution,if you thoroughly read our paper you will realize how complex and pressing a problem we are trying to solve,if our goal was to offer a get quick risk scheme would could have created a fork of Dogecoin instead of trying to build an infrastructure that tries to solve a real world problem.

We are open source and all of our code will be publicly available for scrutiny along with design documents and we plan to have blogs to cover miscellaneous topics not covered in the whitepaper and roadmap milestones. We don’t plan to store any of the user’s data and computation of any kind will be done in a privacy preserving manner techniques mentioned above.